Desygn® is a project signed by
Italya Srl, a Marketing, communication and
internationalization Company.


Through a continuous effort to promote culture and create opportunities, Desygn conceives and builds unique works of art: a fusion between art and furniture, in cooperation with partners and designer of recognized value. Furthermore Desygn, with the support of Italya, amplifies and spreads “the beauty and original" of an industry much desired in the world but not fully supported by the Italians themselves.


Enhancing and spreading the Italian art, creativity of design and visual arts as unique, original and authentic.


Desygn is a unique and original idea. A hub for research, experimentation, confrontation, cultural exchange and production of handcrafted design in true Italian style. It serves as a means to discover and promote internationally the local design artists. A Talent scouting open to partnerships with designers, that embrace the same concept, style and values with that proposed by Italya-Desygn. Desygn is also an events venue, an exhibit hall for artistic manifestations and book presentations. A permanent showroom of the art of design, based in the Italya headquarters, with custom spaces and objects to represent the real art of furnishing. The showroom will also display objects and ready-made projects produced both internally or in partnership. Pure creativity or custom-made projects that will exceed the expectations of the clients. The excellence and beauty of the products will naturally select a high profile clientele.


All products created by Desygn and its partners will have unique features, guaranteed by the inspiration and craftsmanship of the production: unique because they are an expression of creativity of the artist, handcrafted because they are the result of his manual work. The fundamental characteristic of the products is that of being "non-Replicable". Far away from the concept of industrial, each design product will be unrepeatable and therefore unique in its kind. The uniqueness of each single piece is guaranteed by the manual skill of the artist. This way, Desygn stands as the only creator of these products, maintaining its own style, the Mediterranean one. The design of each product takes place in the headquarters of Italya, where customers can be inspired or can ask for custom-made projects in respect to a unique style. The custom-made projects can therefore be managed both with the client and with the partner artisans.


Desygn manages the relationship with customers in a professional and comprehensive way, starting from the project until the purchase. Once the customer contacts Desygn, the project is discussed in order to fulfill the specific needs requested. The Desygn Showroom, physical or virtual, will welcome the customer with the displayed works, where he will be able to see them in detail, ask further information or receive custom made suggestions.